Jacky the owner is the nicest guy! I brought my dads Mercedes in to be fixed. Jacky and his staff were all very friendly and really know cars! They explained to me what needed to be done in a way that I could explain easily to my dad. They fixed his car and I am now comfortable that it is safe for him to be driving it. Really Great Auto Repair Shop!

Mindy P.
San Francisco, CA

I was close to just trashing my car because I was fed up with putting money into multiple repairs. These guys made me feel like my car was still really great. They were very nice and informative. They showed me things that needed to be fixed that my previous mechanic never mentioned. My transmission fluid and brake fluid haven’t been changed in several years and I would not have known. They finished the repair within the day and they made me feel confident in my car again. Thanks so much guys!! I will be back for further maintenance when needed.

Miguel D.
Daly City, CA

My favorite place to go to when it comes to any maintenance needed for my car. These guys are the best. Not only is it affordable but also great customer service. I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone that ever needs any work done on their car. Luxury auto service, you guys deserve a 5+ stars. I will not go anywhere else but here. You guys have a customer for life.

Melanie S.
San Francisco, CA

This is the only place I ever take my cars to get worked on anymore!

They’ve done everything from a quick tire patch and I’m out of there in less than 10 minutes to a full on engine replacement. The whole team is great. They always make you feel like a priority, and make sure you won’t need to come back to them for the same issue besides regular maintenance. I’ve probably made more than 10+ stops to this place for help on my cars.

They’re extremely honest with you. Every time I’ve gone there, they always explain to me what the problem is, why the problem is there, and what I need to get it back into tip top shape. From doing so, I’ve even picked up basic maintenance from watching, learning, and really listening to what they’ve told me. They also inform you on the decisions you’re making. For example, you want to go the “cheap fix” way. I’ve seen plenty of shops do just that or let you do that if that’s what you want. But these guys know off-the-bat, if its a wrong choice and will not only tell you but suggest what further steps to take.

Just imagine getting a cheap part put into your vehicle, and you think to yourself. “Wow I got a STEAL! Fixed it up for not even a dent in my wallet.” But guess again, the next few months you’re back in the same joint. Saying what the h*** happened. They prevent this from happening. I believe real car lovers, don’t let another fail.

The Luxury Auto Service Center not only finds a part for you, they find the best part for your budget. They do quality services which leave not only you happy, but your car happy. If you look back onto one of the previous reviews here. It’s completely true. They always have me buy my synthetic oil for my cars, bring it in and they change it. There’s some janky shops out there that will give you an unbelievable price for an oil change. But imho, the oil is garbage and you wholeheartedly trust these shops to take of your car until the next few thousand miles without even watching what they put in your car. Do yourself a favor and slide over to Luxury Auto and leave with a smile.

If you want to know the history of maintenance I’ve gotten here:
Oil Change and flush
Tire Change, Rotation, and Fix (flat tires)
Wheel Alignments
Brake Pads, and Rotors (No pad slaps here)
Starter Replacement
Alternator Replacement
Engine Replacement

And if you’d like to know what cars I’ve taken here:
’04 Mitsubishi Montero Sport
’05 Honda Accord
’06 Ford Mustang GT
’07 Honda Civic

I know most of the team already and I CANT give these guys below 5 stars. Lovell, Jackie, Jie, and Neil. (there might be a couple others.) You guys are the best around here and I trust you guys not only with my cars, but myself and my family’s lives out on the road. Keep up the great work!

Chris B.
Daly City, CA

Awesome service very friendly and affordable .
Came in for an oil change lovelle asked me to purchase the oil and filter at O’Reillys than come early the next morning around 8 (because I have to be at work at 10am).
Came in a little after 8 and it was done within an hour . Synthetic oil change for less than 40 bucks score :)

Carolina A.
Daly City, CA